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He knows how to throw a party: Vito’s late-night bashes at the W Hotel during Art Basel Miami have been well documented and, apparently, very well attended by celebrities and art aficionados who attend the annual festival, which kicks off again in December.If past guest lists are any indication, look for high-profile revelers such as Naomi Campbell and Stephen Dorff to mingle (and dance) among the artists and buyers Schnabel represents. He’s not afraid of a little pink: Vito lives in the colorful Palazzo Chupi, a controversial pink condominium designed by his father (who also lives there), which towers above New York City’s West Village.“The process of film and TV making here is so nice — there is something very free about it.Everyone is very skilled in their jobs no matter what department they are in, and there is something very brave and liberating about the way everyone works.Actress Liv Tyler is reportedly dating David Beckham's best friend Dave Gardner."The Leftovers" actress is reportedly having a romance with Gardner, who previously dated Rita Ora, after being set up by mutual friend Kate Moss, reports They're at a similar place in their lives and ready to settle down with the right person," the insider added. Kate ended up bigging up Dave to Liv as she thought they'd make a great couple."Liv trusts Kate so was prepared to give things a go but everyone is surprised by how serious they've become so quickly."It's thought Tyler, 37, and Gardner bonded over their shared experiences of divorce and both have children around the same age."Both have children of the same age which is ideal.

They have a son together, Milo William Langdon, who was born in 2004. He was previously married to Davina Taylor, with who he has son.

The couple, who were first rumoured to be dating last month, were pictured leaving Nick Grimshaw's 30th birthday party on Friday.

Holding hands and smiling shyly, the pair seemed comfortable to be photographed together for the first time.

I’m enjoying learning about the period, London in the 1600s, the Catholics and the Protestants.

“There was so much more to the plot than just Guy Fawkes, but that’s the guy that everyone knows about.

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