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“Political correctness,” which now determines behavioral innocence or guilt, has been infixed into America’s collective consciousness by the powerful Jewish forces in the academic and media worlds.

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Calling you America’s “scariest academic,” did they not try to get you fired from California State University in the spring of 2008?

In the Jewish-created which now exists in America, these Gentile allegiances are looked upon as “racist,” and for all practical purposes, that is, Jewish purposes, “taboo.” The leaders of these movements, such as Franz Boas in the field of anthropology and Sigmund Freud in the field of psychoanalysis, who identified themselves as Jews, have subjected white Christian culture to radical criticism while at the same time have Despite the current cultural programming, white people are coalescing into what I term “implicit white communities” in multicultural America — communities that reflect their ethnocentrism but that “cannot tell their name.” Why can’t they “tell their name?Enjoy vicious HD Porn Videos with hot curvy models!, both dedicated to the preservation of the Euro-American white race, of which, international Jewry is attempting to destroy.For example, I firmly believe that Jewish neo-conservatives whose primary allegiance is to Israel have had a decisive influence on recent American foreign policy.Currently, even though Obama has pressed Israel to put a freeze on settlement expansion, the Jewish lobby has won out as agents for the Israeli government’s expansion in the occupied areas.

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