Dating and credit scores

Every time there’s a large credit card breach, you’ll hear some expert say risks for consumers are low, because it’s easy to cancel a credit or debit card and get a new one. If fraud appears on your bill, but you don’t notice it, you’ll pay for it.More important, changing account numbers is a hassle.You can apply the same strategy to other accounts, including credit cards, loans and any accounts with monthly payments.Missed payments on shared accounts will inflict mutual damage to both of your credit scores.

Bottomline: By working to improve your partner’s credit, you can both move toward a greater financial future together.It can be challenging, but you can help your partner by understanding their situation and working together to create a credit improvement plan.If you’re both committed to the relationship, you may want to merge finances and share financial decisions in the future.Improving their credit score for your partner could require monitoring his or her credit report, building a solid history of timely payments and paying down debt.There are also a number of tools, such as secured credit cards that are ideal for people who have struggled with managing their credit.

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