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376) that any intelligible sign suffices, provided it sufficiently indicates the beginning of the cloistered part.

And even in the Roman law, the clausurae were sometimes fictitious. The cloistered religious may not go outside their material cloister without permission, still, the religious man who transgresses this prohibition does not incur any ecclesiastical censure .

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The actual legislation distinguishes between religious orders and institutes with simple vows ; institutes of men and those of women. According to the present common law every convent or monastery of regulars must, on its completion, be encloistered.Going out at night without permission is usually a reserved case. The present writer is of the opinion that the common estimation (which may vary in different countries) defines it.It consists in leaving the cloister without a good and serious motive, at a late hour, when people would be surprised to meet a religious outside his monastery.Finally, it may be added that it is for the provincial superior to fix the limits of the cloister and the point at which it begins, in comformity with the usages of his order and with the local needs; of course his power is limited by the dispositions of the law. In two cases, however, he would commit a grave sin : if his absence were prolonged (i.e.exceeding two or three days); and if he should go out by night.

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