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You have probably seen live interactive phonesex chat shows like this on UK digital and satellite TV, presented by scantily clad girls, mature women, erotic strippers and salacious babes from all around the UK.The problem with these shows is that they are not allowed to show the presenters totally naked or stimulating their luscious private parts!When I was an adolescent in the mid-Eighties I was one of only three fat people in my year.

Neverthelessss, it saddens me to see that, even in my school, children are noticeably getting fatter.

As a mother, I also know how hard it is to avoid junk food.

On a recent day out, my four-year-old daughter Nancy had a meltdown after I refused to let her buy sweets.

Stuffing a child with food leads to grave physical and emotional problems, obesity in a child is as serious as malnourishment.’ And as a teacher, I heartily agree.

Of course, we have to recognise that there is a complex relationship between food and love — often those parents who overfeed their children do so as an (albeit mistaken) expression of love.

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